yr friendly neighbourhood landmammal:

james likes to eat, shower, and eat in the shower. he is really really tall and has ugg boots and is better than you. he plays bass.

peterrr gives bodies to robots and bikes. he makes granola bars from scratch and uses shapes as music. he plays guitar.

michela has too much anxiety. she bites her nails until they bleed and likes coffee, whiskey, and sketchy mexican roman-catholic candle stores. she yells stuff.

alex is afraid of retail. he makes drawings and plays video games and spilled expensive rhubarb soda on his computer once. he plays drums.

basically, we're four kids with social anxiety screaming about sex and the end of the world. and the columbian boy. always the columbian boy.

you have ears, we have noises.


Cam played his first Barbarian Electric set in years. Go listen to the songs he just put out on CD http://barbarianelectric.bandcamp.com/

Everyone should get into this



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Is tonight/tomorrow!

8PM, 156 Bathurst St, Toronto

$10, All Ages

See ya there!

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partially-shaved cat mmml

partially-shaved cat mmml

chokeout/drc photoz

chokeout/drc photoz


It our last show ever for real tomorrow. 

Playing with Night Terror and Brain Fever.  

7 pm / $5 / Rock pile/echobase in waterloo, ask a punk


packing up the mammal 

packing up the mammal 

last show ever, come out

last show ever, come out

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